Yup, Still Blogging: Blogotá Week 3

I didn’t do too much blog-worthy stuff this week, but I’ll tell you about a few quick things.

Festivos All Around

This past weekend was another three-day weekend due to a religious holiday, same as last.   No one here really knows what they mean but are just happy they get Monday off.  This festivo I took a bike ride down to the centro to the big flea market, walked around checking out all the antiques/junk/movies/posters/more antiques/more junk with my bike like a big dorky gringa, then pedaled north until I got tired.  Definitely going biking again soon!  My roommates have several bikes here that I can use whenever which is super sweet.

Biggest gay club in Latin America?

Theatron floor 1 of 5.

Quite possibly.  On Saturday night I went out to a club called Theatron, which is rumored (unconfirmed — Brasil and Argentina might have something up their gay sleeves) to be the biggest gay club in Latin America.  Katie, if you are reading this, it made the Living Room in Mexico City look like a shoe box.  This place takes up half an entire block, is five stories high, and has about ten different themed clubs or bars you can choose from.  It is sort of like a gay Disneyland — you pay a cover and they give you a plastic cup which you can fill up with rum, vodka, or aguardiente (Colombian piss-gross licorice alcohol) — as much as you can drink.  And yeah, I pretty much drank as much as I could.  By the way, the place can fit up to 4,000 people.  So yeah, it was big.  Oh, and one more thing — there was a bar specifically for women (or rather, no men allowed) and I was pumped to go in and weave my way through the packed crowd, but when I left my guy friends behind and ventured in, what I found was a nearly empty space with about four people. 😦 Kind of reminds me of my GLIPA Columbia ladies night in the fall, which turned out to be a lady night. (Thanks for showing up, Alison!)

The Two Escobars

In addition to exploring, I’m trying to learn a little more about Colombia by watching some documentaries.  I watched one recently called The Two Escobars (fully available to watch on YouTube http://youtu.be/vKAevl6hrQk) which is built around the stories of cocaine cartel king-of-the-underworld Pablo Escobar and the Colombian national soccer team captain, Andres Escobar.  Surely you’ve heard of Pablo, but you may have also heard of Andres who was the guy who accidentally scored a goal for the other team during the ’94 World Cup, and was tragically murdered shortly after.  What you may not know is how intertwined the drug cartels and soccer really was, how the cartels funded the Colombian team causing its rise to fame in the 1990s, and how they used soccer to launder massive amounts of cash.  It was also interesting hearing another perspective on Pablo Escobar who I was surprised to learn was revered by the poor for his contributions (albeit through “blood money”) to community soccer fields and housing for many thousands.  A must watch, if your gut is prepared to be wrenched.


I miss you all so much!  It’s great to be here and I’m meeting some cool Bogotanos, but nothing compares to my friends and family in CA, NYC, and DC.  Sending truckloads of besos y abrazos your way.


One response to “Yup, Still Blogging: Blogotá Week 3”

  1. Paymon says :

    I had no idea about drugs and soccer – though this does explain why I do so much better at soccer after doing copious amounts of cocaine.

    PS As you’re in Columbia now, I’ll send you the information for my bank account so that you can funnel your uncles-dead-wifes-nephews grand riches into there. Besitos!

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